The Friends of Grenville Gardens help to maintain a public park and gardens which has been redeveloped for the benefit of the local community to include a renovated children's play area and opportunities for community gardening, including accessible raised beds for vegetable growing.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Photos from June and July Community Gardening Sessions

 Harvest of early potatoes.
 Damsel or Dragon to be confirmed.

 Summer Squash grown by the 3 J's a group of young people that share a veg box in the park.
 Peas growing as part of our green edible wall.
 Alongside Nasturtiums as Bob Flowerdew says if its not poisonous its edible.
 Cut and come again lettuce.
 Arial view of rocket and lettuce seedlings
 Pumpkins in our water bottle tower just seen more salad
 Dwarf french Beans
Latest edition to the park is a beautiful raised bed built by our group and filled in record time with compost by our friends at the Good Gym Islington - if you like to run with purpose you should get involved they do great things all around the borough. 

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